Aramil Galanodel

Skeptical Jack-of-All-Trades (Master-of-None)


Rogue/Ranger, Lawful Neutral. Aramil is tall for a Half-Elf, with long black hair; he dresses in roughshod dark clothing and wears rapier and crossbow at his side.


Aramil was raised in the Northwest by a single (Human) mother, a woman who taught him to be suspicious but fair and disciplined. He has made his way in the world by many different means since then, most recently by accepting a number of covert missions authorized by the Empire’s authorities. Aramil does not trust the Imperial government – or, for that matter, much of anyone else – but is willing to play along for the time being, ever alert to furtive footsteps and vaguely-hinted agendas. He is the most garrulous of the adventurers when there may be plots to be uncovered.

During his time in Valkeum Aramil managed to antagonize much of the Imperial leadership by spying on Archmage Falsh and nearly initiating combat with Colonel Ronas and the enigmatic Gnome Zandro.

Aramil Galanodel

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