Thurokk Krusk

Unflappable Orcish Warrior


Barbarian/Fighter, Chaotic Neutral. Thurokk is massively muscled and stands nearly seven feet tall; he wears a horned helmet and typically carries a very, very large axe.


The Empire’s Orcish minority was pressed into slavery until a decade ago; Thurokk was one of those so taken. Due to his imposing physical capabilities, however, he was made a mercenary and received some martial training. The experience left him with a dislike for authority, but a desire to see the Empire made better. Having no other concerns he “volunteered” for the expedition to Marilaan’s tomb, and has subsequently found himself caught up in the storm of current events, which he weathers by working out, smoking orc-weed, and getting into scuffles with his fellow adventurers.

Thurokk was recently put-off to discover that one of his former comrades from the Orcish mercenary unit had “gone soft” and joined the Siblinghood of Life.

Thurokk Krusk

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