Conflicted Sorcerer of the Brotherhood


Sorcerer, Neutral Good (verging on True Neutral). A thin, sharp-faced man of about 30 with longish blond hair, usually seen dressed in a red cloak and carrying a wand.


Auchendoun was born and raised in Neldrea, but about two years ago found his way to the Temple of Life in the Southeast, where he joined the Brotherhood, moved by their message of universal compassion. In addition to proselytizing, Auchendoun also undertook a number of reconnaissance-and-subterfuge missions. He recently came to Valkeum to scout for possible dangers to the Exalted One, who was to visit soon. During said trip he was drafted into the expedition to Marilaan’s tomb to recover the black tome of Necromancy. This offered him numerous chances to attempt to win new converts to his adopted religion. Since returning to Neldrea and being reunited with his order, however, Auchendoun has grown increasingly disillusioned with them due to the changes implemented by the new High Priestess, Maxia Termagyn, as well as to some of the implications of the Exalted One’s most recent speech.

Not two days ago, tragedy struck when Auchendoun’s beloved familiar, a toad, was reduced to subatomic particles by the foul hand of Marilaan; previously he had lost also a fine Ring of Mind-Shielding to Marilaan’s henchdemon Ru’Drekh.


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