Brothagh Merkhre

Mightiest Hobgoblin Warlord


Fighter/Rogue, Lawful Evil. Rarely seen outside his own territory, but rumored to be a very large red-skinned humanoid, heavily armed and armored.


Brothagh Merkhre is said to have spent his childhood in the company of Orcs and Humans as well as Hobgoblins. The Hobgoblins are known for their relative intelligence and military skill, but Merkhre was smarter and tougher than most. He eventually became leader of the Tarshurka – the largest and most powerful of the Hobgoblin tribes. After the dragon attack on Valkeum, Merkhre sent an envoy to said city to negotiate the matter, but hostilities broke out and even lead to violence. Poor relations with the Empire are all but guaranteed.

Brothagh Merkhre

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