Naryn Eldyucar

Distractable Brother of Life


Class and Alignment unknown. A good-looking young man who dresses in standard Siblinghood garb (i.e. a red-and-green robe).


Naryn Eldyucar joined the Brotherhood of Life not long ago and proved to be a valuable if unremarkable asset. He was chiefly interested in the large quantity of young women who seemed to be drawn to the religious group, as well as their easy-going theology. He has on several occasions provided aid to the Brotherhood-affiliated sorcerer/adventurer Auchendoun, though Auchendoun does not entirely trust him. Eldyucar also seems to be friends with an Orc who previously was known to the barbarian half-Orc adventurer Thurokk Krusk.

Naryn Eldyucar

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