Algrem Dielegrath

Deceased Hero


Fighter, Neutral Good. Was, until recently, in possession of some very fine equipment, such as: A battle-axe that ignites in flames when swung and increases melee attack roll; A suit of full plate armor that is substantially lighter and involves less armor check penalty than would seem normal; A pendant that bestows Wisdom and “clarity” on the wearer; An arrow that bestows Dexterity and has another effect yet unknown


Algrem Dielegrath was the son of a minor nobleman in the Diel Valley southeast of Neldrea. He wasted much of his youth on mindless hedonism, but later heard a call from on high and set himself to righting wrongs and chasing Orcs and bandits from his homeland. He died peacefully in late middle age as a hero of respectable if unextraordinary standing. Recently his tomb was defiled by Marilaan, but subsequently liberated by a quartet of adventurers.

Algrem Dielegrath

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