Lukas Palanivier

Weaselly Neldrean Aristocrat


Aristocrat, Neutral Evil. Youngish, handsome, finely-dressed, but rather wankery-looking individual who carries a rapier and is often accompanied by his massive bodyguard, Kurt.


Lukas Palanivier is the son of one of Neldrea’s wealthiest and most powerful families. He has a gambling addiction which lead him to run up massive debts; to pay these off, he used his looks and charm to ensnare a newly-arrived peasant girl and sell her to the Siblinghood of Life, who did not divulge what they planned to do with her. Lukas and his bodyguard were defeated in an upscale tavern by several adventurers, who then proceeded to rescue the girl and turn the unsavory pair over to the authorities, hoping that Lukas’s family connections would not allow him to escape punishment. His fate is unknown at present.

Lukas Palanivier

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