Master Xenophar

Deceased, Disgraced Former Monastery Leader


Monk, Alignment unknown (but presumed to have changed to something Evil shortly before his death). In life a powerful-looking man, now a sad-eyed specter wandering the wilderness of Cathrys.


Xenophar was the Master of a Monastery from a remote corner of the world of the Elbrechtine Empire. He lived much of his life honorably but struggled with certain base urges; not long ago he finally committed some terrible indiscretion (probably sexual in nature) and subsequently killed himself, to the horror of his beloved pupil Eednud. Eednud somehow tracked his soul to the dreaded “prison plane” of Carceri, where he met with four adventurers from his world who had been sent there by mistake. They located Xenophar, enlisted his help in escaping from the plane, and finally reprieved him of his torments by destroying the vestige of his soul, ensuring him eternal rest.

Master Xenophar

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