The Exalted One

Beloved Leader/Founder of the Siblinghood of Life


Class and Alignment unknown. The Exalted One is seldom seen, but when he is, he appears to be a tall, handsome man of about 35-40, with a shaved head and bronze skin, dressed in a fine but simple green robe and minimal gold jewelry. He is renowned for his oratory capabilities.


Little is known of the Exalted One’s background, but he seems to have founded the Brotherhood of Life about a decade ago in the far Southeast. The Brotherhood grew in popularity due to its belief in the preciousness of all life and the equality of all peoples, and its championing of the young and the poor. The Brotherhood’s influence has spread at an astounding pace; they now effectively control the southeastern lands and are making impressive inroads into the chief Imperial regions around Valkeum and Neldrea. Many have praised them, but some, particularly other, older religions, argue that the Brotherhood asks too little of its members while promising too much, and allege that the Brotherhood seeks to undermine and amalgamate all established traditions into its own fold. Nevertheless they continue to grow, and the Exalted One is extremely popular amongst wide swathes of the population. In a recent speech following the White Dragon’s attack on Valkeum and Marilaan’s attack on Neldrea, he advised that people should not blame Hobgoblins, nor even the undead, for these tragedies, and suggested that love and acceptance of everyone must be the way if life is to prevail.

The Exalted One

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