Demonic Servant to Marilaan


Class unknown, Chaotic Evil. A gargoyle-like, yellow-eyed, black-winged creature the size of a large man. Ru’Drekh possesses respectable fighting capabilities and seems to have learned a bit of Necromancy from his master.


Spawned in Thanatos, the 113th Layer of the Abyss under the dominion of the dreaded Orcus, Ru’Drekh fled to the Material Plane at a young age, where he spent much of his time hiding in the shadows – until, not long ago, he was called up by the Necromancer Einris Marilaan, whom he now serves in return for protection, power, and food. Recently he was slain on Carceri by several adventurers, though it is unknown if he is permanently destroyed, or merely returned (for the time being) to the Abyss.


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