The White Dragon

Current Scourge of the Empire


Class unknown, Chaotic Evil. This monstrosity appears to be at least 40 feet long, with a vast wingspan, and its crested head and spiked body are covered with scales the color of purest frost. It has demonstrated an ability to wreak havoc upon entire cities with its powerful cold-breath.


No dragons had been seen in the lands of Elbrechtine for at least a century. There had been some murmurings of a group of Hobgoblins in the Northwest calling themselves the “White Dragon”, but the appearance of an actual White Dragon in the northern sky over Valkeum one morning came as a terrible shock to everyone. The dragon’s attack destroyed several buildings and even damaged the Emperor’s Palace. The Archmage of Valkeum, Valam Falsh, was killed, as were numerous others. Perhaps two weeks later, the dragon returned and attacked Neldrea, destroying the Mages’ Guild and several homes belonging to the aristocracy. The people of the Elbrechtine Empire have been enraged over these incidents. It is widely believed that the Hobgoblins are responsible for the dragon’s appearance.

The White Dragon

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