High Priestess Maxia Termagyn

Second-in-Command of the "Siblinghood" of Life


Cleric, Alignment unknown. Skinny half-Elven woman with shortish red hair. Possessions (other than her distinctive red robe) and abilities unknown.


Maxia Termagyn is known to be polite, if a bit eccentric, and is responsible for the Brotherhood of Life recently changing its name to the “Siblinghood of Life”. The reason for this, as she put it, is because “The Siblinghood seeks to appeal to all people, thank you.” Curiously, she has advanced to the position of High Priestess, second only to the Exalted One, after joining the Brotherhood only a year ago. Previously she is rumored to have worked for various churches as a sort of envoy or diplomat.

High Priestess Maxia Termagyn

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