Yswald Ehrlicht

Obligatory Wise Old Mentor Wizard Guy


Wizard, Neutral Good. A small, rather unassuming elderly man, bent, balding, and bearded, though his knowledge and magical talents are to be respected.


Yswald Ehrlicht was one of the most respected magicians of the Elbrechtine Empire and headed the Mages’ Guild of Neldrea for some years. He was expelled from this position, however, by then-Archmage Falsh, allegedly for making slanderous allegations against Falsh himself. Since then, Ehrlicht has kept a low profile, traveling the lands of the Empire and selling minor magical devices. He has remained in contact with his trusted colleagues, however. Recently he has begun aiding a small group of adventurers whom he believes can help the much-beleaguered Empire.

Yswald Ehrlicht

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