Einris Marilaan

Insane Undead Necromancer


Wizard/Cleric, Chaotic Evil. Having absolutely no interest in fashion, he dresses in nothing but a tattered, hooded black robe and often appears to be mostly unarmed. Sometimes seen atop a black horse with glowing red eyes, and sometimes accompanied by his demon minion, Ru’Drekh.


Einris Marilaan was a talented but undistinguished wizard from Valkeum who, about sixty years ago, was banished for his excessive curiosity about Necromancy. In seclusion he apparently went mad and began raising the dead from their graves, believing that undeath was the final solution to the problem of death. Fortunately, only a handful of people were killed or harmed before the Empire intervened, imprisoning Marilaan beneath a tomb set with powerful magic wards, where he presumably died. Recently, however, he has, through means as yet unknown, joined the ranks of the undead himself and escaped. In death, his powers have grown.

Einris Marilaan

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