Archmage Valam Falsh

Former, Controversial Archmage of Valkeum


Wizard, Alignment unknown. A tall, powerfully-built man about 60 years old, clean-shaven and with longish white hair; usually wore a dark blue cape and carried a staff topped with a dark blue crystal. His magical abilities were apparently very substantial.


Valam Falsh as a young man began studying wizardry in various locations across the Empire; about a decade ago he entered the Imperial Mages’ Court in Valkeum and rose to the position of Archmage in only a few years thanks to his drive, knowledge, and skill. He had a particular interest in matters pertaining to the obscure world of Giuada, which Imperial mages had “discovered” many decades past. All contact with Giuada was lost some years ago, however, and the matter has rarely been spoken of since. When the Neldrean wizard Yswald Ehrlicht complained about Falsh’s probing into such matters, Falsh had him expelled from his position. Of late, in the interest of subverting the growing power of the rumored White Dragon Hobgoblin syndicate, he authorized a number of covert missions. These may inadvertently have contributed to Marilaan’s return. Falsh was recently killed when an actual White Dragon, the first seen in Imperial lands in at least a century, attacked Valkeum and destroyed his house along with several other buildings.

Archmage Valam Falsh

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