Zandro Darkfissure

Dirty-Jobs Man for the Empire


Rogue, Alignment unknown. Short and small even for a Gnome, with odd spiky black hair and a black goatee, dressed in black leather and a black cloak, and with a slimy demeanor, Zandro tends to inspire unease in everyone who encounters him.


How Zandro found his way into the employ of the Elbrechtine Empire is unknown, but he seems to have his hands full working for Archmage Falsh and Colonel Ronas, specializing as he does in Missions That Do Not Exist. It was he who lead a band of “volunteers” to Marilaan’s tomb to recover the tome of Necromancy, and recently he was found camping, with said book in hand, in the cavern from whence a group of Hobgoblins had previously attempted to attack Valkeum. This lead to a tense standoff between Zandro and the adventurers, notably the jack-of-all-trades Aramil Galanodel. To date, no one trusts him.

Zandro Darkfissure

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