Colonel Tysen Ronas

Commander of Imperial Covert Operations


Fighter/Aristocrat, Alignment unknown. Tall, thin middle-aged man with a slightly overbearing demeanor, usually seen dressed in standard armored officer’s uniform and carrying a longsword. Frequently accompanied by Sergeant Ghorl.


Colonel Ronas is a career officer from the minor nobility who prides himself on his efficiency and loyalty to the Empire, though he is not above employing shady characters. He primarily directs covert missions, works on emergency/contingency plans, and coordinates security for the city of Valkeum. Recently he has managed an operation under the late Archmage Falsh designed to stop the Hobgoblins of the Northwest from acquiring Marilaan’s Necromantic tome, and has, per Falsh’s posthumous wishes, dispatched a ragtag posse to seek an alliance with the Brotherhood of Life.

Colonel Tysen Ronas

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